7 instagram don’ts you’re definitely doing by Crista Funk

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1. bleeding the feed

I’m leading strong here, because this one actually makes me exhale in anguish every time I see it. Unless you’re at a live event and giving people a first hand look at what’s up, DO NOT post more than one picture per hour. Posting all throughout the day won’t hurt your engagement, but back to back Instagrams within a few minutes of each other, major no-no. Posting multiples this close together cannibalizes your per post like potential because people are bombarded with content and will often only like 1 picture from the bunch. If you want a high engagement to follower ratio and don’t want  people to unsubscribe from your account, then cut it out.

2. not engaging

Throwing a cool pic up with a witty caption and then snobbishly waiting for devotees to follow is only part of the battle (and a little delusional, if you ask me). Like every other social network, if you’re not engaging with others on Instagram, then you’re using it wrong. Regramming, commenting and liking other people’s photos can earn you a great deal of followers if you’re not a household name already. There are a few golden rules when it comes to this that we’ll be sharing in the future.

3. not using hashtags

You want your account to look clean and like you’re not trying, right? That’s stupid. You are trying! You’re trying to get your name out there, get customers to buy your product or readers to obsess over your style. How do you think they’re going to find you if you don’t pop up in explore without the use of hashtags!? So yeah, use them. And guess what? You can’t use too many, so come up with specific ones (this is key) that relate to you and add them in a new comment below your caption.

4. using too many filters

Instagram offers 23 filters, but you definitely shouldn’t use the all. In fact, one or two is all you need. A cohesive account is a desirable one–if your content is going to differ a great deal, the least you can do is keep the tint of your images consistent. Cool hues, warm hues and stark contrasts rarely look good together when viewing your entire feed. Tons of awesome accounts skip Instagram’s filters all together and embrace photo apps like Afterlight and VSCO Cam to get the job done. You can also let the photo speak for itself by going the #nofilter route.

5. over-posting quotes

We love quotes. They’re huge on almost every social channel and inspire us to be better people. They are also overkill when they show up too often, that is unless your account is an inspirational message one. So if you want to use them and not muck up your account with different fonts on a million different backgrounds, set limits. Keep to one a week (or fewer) and either custom make them yourself or only post ones with the same font and similar color schemes.

6. not posting daily

All of these other don’ts aside, one of the worst things you can do is skip days between posts. Instagram was once an app for in-the-moment updates, but now more than ever that no longer is the case. It’s now a channel of promotion, which means many of those huge accounts you follow have had their Instagram images banked days in advance. When you don’t post daily, people forget about you–or worse, you stop appearing in their feed. Don’t let them miss future posts!

7. not thinking outside the box

All too often we play it safe, but when you’re building your Instagram you want to be someone who is a little risky or covers a niche that isn’t saturated. I’ve definitely gotten bored with my feed at times because too many people I follow all post similar content. The trick is to diversify, try new things, create a unique angle–it could be color palette or style. People like Michelle Phan and brands like Hatsu Tea do a great job of making their feed look cohesive and truly original when you scroll through the tiles. You don’t have to go this far, just don’t be afraid to try something you’re not already seeing.




About a year ago I began to use Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser. I noticed a dramatic change in my skin. I have normal to oily skin and this cleanser was the best beauty choice I had made!

I use to use Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel obviously not for cleansing, but as a moisturizer. And, unfortunately this was not helping my skin. The lotion was smooth but, it would irritate my skin. The most important thing I noticed in my years of using various facial cleansers, and moisturizers is to pay attention  when applying any creams, powders, scrubs. When your skin begins to turn flush-red this may be a red-flag. Even if this occurs for a few seconds do not disregard this.

I immediately changed my moisturizer to  Kheils Daily Moisturizer. This product actually worked for my skin. I use a small pea-sized amount on my temple, cheeks, and chin. I give it a few seconds to dry before applying my foundation. Note whenever using beauty products not every product on the market will benefit you. Many beauty bloggers, magazine publications shout at the top of their posts for buying a particular product well because, they are most likely being sponsored by the product.

One thing I have taken away from being in public relations is don’t be quick to  trust any post or editorial credit. Beauty editors are fabulous individuals whom try tons of products before posting about them. Once again not all things will work best for everyone. Some of us have dry cuticle’s, whereas others have dry cheeks. The best thing you as a consumer can do is try..test out products before settling for something you love.



I’m Gonna Show You Crazy

We all have war’s inside our minds one different from the other. Whether it is a personal matter or professional we are constantly finding things to pick at, change, make better, make smaller, and prove someone else wrong. Above all sometimes we need to see it from someone’s else’s perspective to realize we aren’t alone in this struggle. My current obsession has become Bebe Rexha’s music which helps me get through some good days & some not so good days. I generally have a good attitude about life however, sometimes we become overwhelmed by emotion & my release is music. I hope you enjoy her music as much as I am.



Woman Crush Wednesday, what is WCW?


Woman Crush Wednesday!

Woman Crush Wednesday stands for a female crush you may have this can be a woman or women. In particular this is for an individual whom you look up to, whom you admire, respect, adorn, find beautiful in some shape or form. This is not necessarily a sexual connotation for a beautiful body or tight abs however there is nothing wrong with this.

In my opinion this is a fun way to give a shout out to a particular female whom you find empowering, beautiful, and most importantly a role model to you whether you may be a man or a woman. This is my first #WCW ever I have to admit I find many women across the globe inspiring however my first is going out to a talent whom melts my heart with her vocals. Bebe Rexha is by far a stunning young woman whom has worked with talented musicians in the industry. Bebe is Albanian-American born in Brooklyn, New York whom began her love for music at a bright young age.

Bebe is working on her debut album, and has already entered the studio with producers such as David GuettaFraser T Smith and Frequency, among others. On March 21, 2014, Bebe released her first single from her debut album, “I Can’t Stop Drinking About You“, via Warner Bros Records. Rexha also released “I’m Gonna Show You Crazy” on December 23, 2014 as the second single from her debut album. I look forward to watching this young beauties career sore in the coming years & most notably enjoying her music.

@ The Beauty Artist

Success is flare boiling inside of us for the individual whom craves to feed this hungry beast the universe will reward you gracefully. I have noticed amongst my lovely community of Armenian women success comes in different shapes, sizes & packages. I am personally a fond member of the social-media realm, blogger universe, and internet geek amongst the many individuals whom are glued to their cell-phones, laptops & tablets. Constantly finding new knacks to play with, practice, compile I will try anything for the sake of trying it. Most recently I have observed the phenomenal trend of talent make-up artist with the uproar of Instagram popularity these fabulous young women have not only gained a tremendous amount of followers they are successfully taken this passion for the “arts” (yes I consider this an art) and successfully turned this into a career path.

Predominantly speaking in this case young Armenian women have blossomed their skills into business opportunities, partnerships with various beauty & skincare brands in addition to launching their own make-up academies, beauty /skincare lines, one-on-one seminars, not only are they creating a path for themselves. They are humbly schooling others about their passion for beauty; their techniques for the trade, in addition introducing a new industry we could not have fathomed could be a successful path for many of us whom grew up with Armenian families. As young children we were encouraged to yes, of course follow our dreams, go to college, get a decent job, do what makes us happy etc. As children many of us were encouraged to become doctors, lawyers, engineers, so to visualize a career path as a child was envisioned for us by parents before we found or developed our own passion[s].

Maybe it was our Mothers, aunts, or cousins whom we had the advantage of adorning as youthful children. I know in fact that many of my talents came from studying my Mother & her sisters as they would dress for parties and family gatherings. Countless skills I established were from the women in my family embedded in me from a young age. Yes, talent is a gift not all are born with yet, you can achieve anything you wish by simple practice. Anything you want to achieve takes time, patience and hours of practice even the perfect smokey eye can be accomplished or the ever so exciting contour of the the nose.

This is not to say these career paths were not fine visions for our future nevertheless with the infinitely growing numbers of occupations available in the 21st century. Our Armenian parents were “old-school” for them a successful career was a prestigious representation not only of the individual but, of the family whom raised this person. See we are an extension of our families we hold our family names with dignity and pride. I’ll save this for another blog post for now my intention is to show my appreciation to these talented women who are contributing to society with chic magnetism.

I speak for all of your followers in saying we applaud you, we thank you and we wish you continued success in all your endeavors. They have paved a new wave of careers for aspiring young girls & even boys.

Please take a moment and follow some of these incredibly brilliant females. I for one follow many of their social-media platforms please excuse me if I missed anyone. This post is not in particular for the Armenian female but, for the women in this trade overall.


Ani E.





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Happy New Year!

Reminiscing on this past year I can say that is was another one for the books. A year just as any other filled with its fair share of ups & downs the experiences we are left with are the most valuable treasures. Material objects will fade, we will outgrow that sweater, seek a new technology, try a different hair style however, the emotions we are left with are the strongest memories we can bring to mind. As you look back on this year don’t focus on the sleepless nights or the minor headaches these weren’t things you could control. These things were just road blocks in your manifestation for bigger, better, things you have not yet accomplished. The ones whom are not in your life should no longer affect your outlook or cloud your judgment or the job you once held dearly does not control your true destiny.

For many of us the New Year is a restart button a way for some of us to begin a new transition whether it is a new diet program, or a goal we would like to accomplish. May you cultivate these thoughts into the best & most beautiful possibilities that you can. I personally like to make goals for the New Year I do not share these goals with anyone they are special. I do not believe in resolutions considering there is 365 days in a year sometimes we do not have the capabilities to accomplish these “resolutions” however, goals seem much more attainable to me.

Make a list of goals you would like to achieve they do not have to be large. They can be reasonable such as saving money, learning a new language, or graduating from college. Than list the reasons why you cannot? Do they outweigh the reasons why you can?

Make a time frame rather than spending your weekends with insignificant individuals whom aren’t going to uplift your life in any shape or form spend those evenings or weekends studying, practicing etc. Time is truly of the essence & the more time spent on yourself nurturing your mind, body & spirit the more improved you will feel. I promise! Do not compare someone else’s success to your situation. Everyone has a time & place in life. For some of us it comes sooner for others much later in life. This does not mean you must compete with what you see. Doing so will only add stress to your well-being you won’t feel good about yourself. Just be yourself everyone else is taken if God wanted to make everyone the same he would have.

I wish you a very Happy Holidays & a safe/happy New Year!

Thank you,

Ani Erem


Semiosis of Beyonce Knowles Carter

Beyoncé Knowles is recognized for her beauty, iconic music; powerful display of feminism, marriage to famous a performer/entrepreneur in addition to several influential partnerships. Beyoncé is an influence to many folks from all across of the world. From every age bracket she is a symbol of power moreover the semiotics behind her brand are constantly deconstructed by the mass media.

Semiotics as defined in this paper can be represented by many diverse shapes, sizes, forms, and imagery. In pop-culture, these symbols are demonstrated to consumers through a wide-variety of communication which include visual, audio, as well as through text. The semiosis between the symbols in itself is what the adorning individual’s (i.e. consumers, fans etc.) hypersensationilze attracting attention to Beyoncé herself. Mrs. Carter (her married name) has taken the feminine characteristics of a wife; a mother, as well as a daughter aligned these symbols with independence, girl-power, as well as defied gender roles.

In a significant release of her song titled 7/11 following a tasteful yet liberating introduction to her album Mrs. Carter. Beyoncé identifies herself as a professional unlike any other in the industry with no release date, press, and media attention for an upcoming album Mrs. Carter was released simultaneously via social media outlets. This gained momentous attention within hours transcending her to music history. “Signs are organized into languages and it is the existence of common languages which enable us to translate our thoughts (concepts) into words, sounds or images, and then to use these, operating as a language, to express meanings and communicate thoughts to other people (Hall, pg. 18)”.

In a linguistic approach to Beyonce’s music video rendition of her song titled 7/11 the perception of the auditory impression can be derived from the entirety of the Mrs. Carter album. Saussure stated that the object of a study cannot be at the first to the view point in other words there are hidden messages behind the symbolism. The linguistic phenomena can be always found in different aspects in which are dependent on one another. The Mrs. Carter album is in my view a reference to her husband music mogul JayZ with numerous indications varying from lyrics, a lucrative tour together, music-videos featuring one another-a representation, the concept of them.

“Visual signs and images, even when they bear a close resemblance to the things to which they refer, are still signs: they carry meaning and thus have to be interpreted (Hall, pg. 19)”. The relationship these individuals have is no secret yet they bear an obvious conceptual relationship many admire.

“Drunk in Love” suggestion to the song 7/11 i.e. the lyrics

“No complaints from my body, so fluorescent under these lights/Boy, I’m drinking/Park it in my lot 7-11/I’m rubbing/If you scared, call that reverend.” We all speak, read and write the same English language yet the conceptual map of these words, combination of letters that Beyoncé Knowles Carter represents through a linguistic system of codes sets up the correlation between our conceptual system and the fixed code.

7/11 Music Video:

Beyoncé is dressed in animal print booty-shorts and a long-sleeve blue sweater with capitalized letters KALE across her chest. Her hair is in its natural state flowing free with little to less make-up on. As though she has just awoken in her hotel room standing outside on the balcony with what almost seems to appear to be a personal/home video. Examining this video for the first time I nod my head thinking this is a funny story only to continue to watch in anticipation. This appears to be a silly home video of some short as Beyoncé begins singing the lyrics to 7/11:

Bottom of Form

Shoulders sideways, smack it, smack it in the air
Legs movin’ side to side, smack it in the air
Legs movin’ side to side, smack you in the air
Shoulders sideways, smack it, smack it in the air
Smack it, smack it in the air
Legs movin’ side to side, smack it, smack it in the air
Smack it, smack it in the air

What seems to be a young lady enjoying herself on a hazy day the Beyoncé we as a culture have grown to love begins to emerge with hand gestures, swaying motions, the film alters scenes to a personal bathroom. Beyoncé is sat facing a chair wearing all white in a disorganized bathroom clinching her buttock muscles. This is considered the act of twerking she begins to twirl her leg, raise her hands up in a synchronic pattern in a distinction of parole, the act of speech i.e. referencing to her voluptuous worldly goods in an underlying language of symbols.

Wave your hands side to side, put it in the air
Wave your hands side to side, put it in the air
Clap, clap, clap like you don’t care
Smack that, clap, clap, clap, like you don’t care
(I know you care)

[Verse 1]
Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap it
Foot up, my foot up
Hold up now my foot up
I’m spinnin’ my foot up
Foot up yeah my foot up
I’m spinnin’ my foot up
Put my foot down yeah my hands up
My hands up, my hands up
Flexin’ while my hands up
My hands up, my hands up
I stand up with my hands up
Then I put up, my hands up
I put up, my hands up
I put up, my hands up
Then I’m spinnin’ all my hands up
Spinnin’ while my hands up
Spinnin’ while my hands up
Spinnin’ while my hands up
Then I’m tippin’ all my hands up
Spinnin’, I’m spinnin’, I’m spinnin’ while my hands up
I’m Spinnin’, I’m spinnin’, I’m spinnin’ while my hands up

The clip alters from the terrace, bathroom, to the bedroom as more young women appear. Saussure insisted on the methodical nature of language; “Language is a structure, a functioning whole in which the different parts are determined by one another” (Course in General Linguistics p. 9). To individuals whom the linguistic study of this visal-interperetation may not be recognize this terminology the sound-image and mental representations manifests itself into their cognitive representation of the act of twerking in connection with Beyoncé 7/11 music video.

In the case of this qualitative study my interest in the study of this influential music-video begins to deepen with the study. I notice that by understanding the origins of the semiotics in the linguistic science of Mrs. Carters jargon I begin to gesture as she does, sway my hips enjoying her influence on myself. Theoretically, this begins to feel as a naturally expressive representation of feminism.

Beyoncé is joined by a group of young women dressed similarly in a choreographed dance in the hallway, balcony, and bathroom. The ladies are adorned in male underwear wearing little clothing with minimal makeup. Furthermore, they are twerking with one-another in the bathroom as Beyoncé continues to sing the following verse.

Hold that cup like alcohol, oh let go like alcohol
Hold that cup like alcohol
Don’t you drop that alcohol
never drop that alcohol, never drop that alcohol
I know you thinkin’ about alcohol
I know I’m thinkin’ bout that alcohol

[Verse 2]
Man this here like rollin’ dice, man this here like rollin’ dice
Seven eleven, seven eleven, seven twice, man seven twice
Man it feel like rollin’ dice, man this feel like rollin’ dice
Man it feel like rollin’ dice
Seven twice, seven twice
Girl I’m tryna kick it with ya
Girl I’m tryna kick it with ya
Man I’m tryna kick it with ya
My feet up, I kick it with ya
Man I swear I kick it with ya
Girl I wanna kick it with ya
Man I know I kick it with ya
Yeah I spin around and I kick it with ya

The difference between language and noise is that noise does not communicate anything whereas language communicates meaning (Mangion, pg. 17). Beyoncé did not set out to change verbal communication nevertheless her slang-culture of rap, music-lingo has a fundamental contribution to semiotics. Meaning is constructed by the system of representation, it is constructed and fixed by a code, which sets up the correlation between our conceptual system and our language system in such a way that, every time (Hall, pg. 21) we think of Beyonce’s 7/11 music video the code tells us that in our culture that is, in our conceptual and language codes – these symbols are represented by this individuals innovative psychological communication.

Wave ya hands side to side
Wave ya hands side to side
Wave ya hands, to side, to side
Wave ya hands side to side
Ooh wee be-be freaky deaky
Think me see she pink bikini
Rock that groovy dye dashiki
Nefertiti, edges kinky
Sweatin’ out my blow out
Sweatin’ out my press
This trick about to go off
Mad cause I’m so fresh
Fresher than you
I’m fresher than you
Fresher than you, oh

As I continue to study this music-video the young women all have a red cup (which tells me this must be alcohol). I decide to pour myself a glass of wine since it only seems fair that I too would like to join in on this excitement. By invoking these simultaneous linguistic imprints my psyche this song begins to have a pleasant influence on me personally. There is a fixed social, cultural understanding that enables her music to be expressed universally. The emotion I personally began to accept from listening to these lyrics, in relation to the performance act of twerking begins to empower my ego. This may be a large number of explanations which include the powerful image of this beautiful woman. Having to identify with her did not seem so bad given that for a mere moment in time I felt reasonably symbolic as her captivating character.

In the last line of the video as Beyoncé is in a Zen like pose referencing Nefertiti this line Beyoncé articulates the following “this trick about to go off, mad cause I’m so fresh, fresher than you I’m fresher than you, fresher than you, oh”. In rap vernacular Beyoncé signifies that she is the unsurpassed entertainer as well as there is no one like her in a satirically selection of words.

Works Cited

Laclau, E., & Bevers, R. (1997). New reflections on the revolution of our time, p. 70-71; Why does difference matter, p. 234-238; Dominant ideology, hegemony and cultural negotiation, p.347-348. London: Sage, in association with The Open University.

(n.d.). Retrieved from http://genius.com/Beyonce-7-11-lyrics

Be-Active Brace (Reveiw)

I have suffered from lower back pain for the past 2 ½ years. This began on & off for some time gradually gaining momentum. At first I assumed it was my mattress since I had my mattress for some time. I went ahead & purchased a new mattress after many months of complaints. In the beginning it took a some time to get comfortable to my Serta foam mattress than it was heavenly. However, my lower back pain came back with vitality this time around the pain was excruciating down my lower my left leg. It would pulse at down my back as though I was being stabbed with a dozen knives. At this time in my life I was taking Advil by the handful than moved towards stronger prescription medication. You ask why I did not see a Doctor? Well, in between a job change, my undergrad degree, family life and a dozen other reasons I just did not. I do plan on nevertheless, I came across the Be-Active leg brace at Bed Bath & Beyond.

I did not think much of it just assumed it was one of those gimmick’s and thought to myself…”If it doesn’t work I can just return it”. With anticipation I took it home quickly breezed through the instructions and per the instructions I inserted the Be-Active brace with the L facing up (for LEFT Side) up my left leg. Within a few minutes I felt a change I immediately bent forward to touch the ground. Now, I am very flexible and normally I can touch the ground with my palms though, with this pain I’ve had the past few years it would be an exhausting maneuver. The brace has a small circle in the back that aligns with your calf and this helps ease the nerve (sciatica) that puts the strain on your lower back.

Since, I have had the Be-Active leg brace on (Saturday, September 13, 2014) I have taken it off a few times and especially when I shower. I have jogged, worked-out, played with my cousins, went to the market, went to work, and even went to sleep with it on. I won’t say the brace is a miracle worker on my aching back however I can feel a 80% difference in my mood & behavior since using this awesome product. I have recommended this great product to family & friends and I highly recommend anyone else whom has interest yet is hesitant about it. You can find this product online by Google-ing Be-Active brace or like I did at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Be Active Brace


Hermes Armenian Alphabet Scarf

This was such inspiring news I had to share. I am a very proud Armenian.

PARIS—The legendary luxury brand Hermès last week unveiled a new scarf featuring the Armenian Alphabet to mark the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Protestant-France-Armenia Solidarity (SFPA) and to be used for fund-raising for the charity’s efforts in Armenia, reported Jean Eckian of Nouvelle d’Armenie.
Hermès’s artistic director Pierre-Alexis Dumas unveiled the fashion house’s signature silk scarf, called “Lettres d’Erevan,” at an event at Petrossian Paris. Designed by Karen Pétrossian, the Armenian Alphabet scarf honors Mesrob Mashtots, creator of the Armenian alphabet.

The proceeds from the sale of this exclusive, limited edition creation will go toward humanitarian and cultural activities of SFPA in Armenia. The organization was founded in April 1990 after the 1988 earthquake in Spitak.

SFPA President Janik Manissian thanked Hermès and designer Karen Petrossian for the creating and producing this unique and said the scarf will “support a very important and critical humanitarian effort.”This is the second time that Hermès is supporting SFPA. It created another Armenian-themed scarf, Les Jardins d’Armenie (Gardens of Armenia), a decade ago.

“I’m charmed by the culture and perseverance of a nation that has undergone thousands of years of trials and tribulations,” Pierre Alexis Duma said.

The scarves will go on sale in April 2015 for 330 euros ($426).
Several French celebrities and press representatives were present at the event. Also attending the event were Armenia’s Ambassador to France Vigen Chitedjyan, Representative of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic in France Hovhannes Gevorkyan, Primate of the Armenian Apostolic Church of France Bishop Norvan Zakarian, and Valerie Toranian, managing editor of Elle magazine in Paris.

Hermes Armenian Alphabet Scarf