Happy New Year!

Reminiscing on this past year I can say that is was another one for the books. A year just as any other filled with its fair share of ups & downs the experiences we are left with are the most valuable treasures. Material objects will fade, we will outgrow that sweater, seek a new technology, try a different hair style however, the emotions we are left with are the strongest memories we can bring to mind. As you look back on this year don’t focus on the sleepless nights or the minor headaches these weren’t things you could control. These things were just road blocks in your manifestation for bigger, better, things you have not yet accomplished. The ones whom are not in your life should no longer affect your outlook or cloud your judgment or the job you once held dearly does not control your true destiny.

For many of us the New Year is a restart button a way for some of us to begin a new transition whether it is a new diet program, or a goal we would like to accomplish. May you cultivate these thoughts into the best & most beautiful possibilities that you can. I personally like to make goals for the New Year I do not share these goals with anyone they are special. I do not believe in resolutions considering there is 365 days in a year sometimes we do not have the capabilities to accomplish these “resolutions” however, goals seem much more attainable to me.

Make a list of goals you would like to achieve they do not have to be large. They can be reasonable such as saving money, learning a new language, or graduating from college. Than list the reasons why you cannot? Do they outweigh the reasons why you can?

Make a time frame rather than spending your weekends with insignificant individuals whom aren’t going to uplift your life in any shape or form spend those evenings or weekends studying, practicing etc. Time is truly of the essence & the more time spent on yourself nurturing your mind, body & spirit the more improved you will feel. I promise! Do not compare someone else’s success to your situation. Everyone has a time & place in life. For some of us it comes sooner for others much later in life. This does not mean you must compete with what you see. Doing so will only add stress to your well-being you won’t feel good about yourself. Just be yourself everyone else is taken if God wanted to make everyone the same he would have.

I wish you a very Happy Holidays & a safe/happy New Year!

Thank you,

Ani Erem



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