About a year ago I began to use Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser. I noticed a dramatic change in my skin. I have normal to oily skin and this cleanser was the best beauty choice I had made!

I use to use Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel obviously not for cleansing, but as a moisturizer. And, unfortunately this was not helping my skin. The lotion was smooth but, it would irritate my skin. The most important thing I noticed in my years of using various facial cleansers, and moisturizers is to pay attention  when applying any creams, powders, scrubs. When your skin begins to turn flush-red this may be a red-flag. Even if this occurs for a few seconds do not disregard this.

I immediately changed my moisturizer to  Kheils Daily Moisturizer. This product actually worked for my skin. I use a small pea-sized amount on my temple, cheeks, and chin. I give it a few seconds to dry before applying my foundation. Note whenever using beauty products not every product on the market will benefit you. Many beauty bloggers, magazine publications shout at the top of their posts for buying a particular product well because, they are most likely being sponsored by the product.

One thing I have taken away from being in public relations is don’t be quick to  trust any post or editorial credit. Beauty editors are fabulous individuals whom try tons of products before posting about them. Once again not all things will work best for everyone. Some of us have dry cuticle’s, whereas others have dry cheeks. The best thing you as a consumer can do is try..test out products before settling for something you love.




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